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Sylvia Bentcheva creates unique delicate and intricate beaded designs for bridal and other special events. Rich arrangements of sequences, shimmering crystals, freshwater pearls and sparkly beads impart soft romantic lines and elegant sophistication to each gown.

Designed for day to evening occasions, Sylvia's beaded designs unite simplicity and femininity. The result is a classic elegance in contemporary style.

Simple or elaborate, Sylvia's designs can transform even the simplest dress to radiant and lavish gown: making the bride feel and look extraordinarily beautiful.

Her creations are available for viewing in portfolio with over 20 samples of designs. Also, view bridal collection, the ready-to-wear line, and the accessories line.

Sylvia Bentcheva's expertise in beaded design began with her passion for art and silk. She is inspired by the historical floral patterns, engravings and ornate pieces from the European culture: especially traditional Bulgarian embroidery.

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